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Digital Ad Guidelines

File Format and Requirements

PDF files are the ONLY acceptable file format for digital ads. JPG, TIFF, EPS or native applications, such as Quark, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, are not acceptable.

File Submission

Files smaller than 2MB can be submitted via email and larger files can be submitted by CD, DVD or Zip Disks.

General Guidelines

Set the page size in your layout application to match the trim size of the final ad. Contact your Ad Consultant or go to our digital ad sizes page for the correct ad sizes.

Do not combine several ads on one page or multiple pages in one PDF file.

Do not include crop and registration marks or any other information on the PDF file.

All ads should have some sort of border to define the edges of your ad.

All fonts need to be embedded or the fonts need to be converted to outlines.

Images in your ad should have a resolution of 300dpi for best reproduction. Lower resolution images could result in blurry, lower quality reproduction.

Do not embed any color management profiles in your PDF.

All photos, images and graphics must be in grayscale or CMYK mode, not RGB.

Black type should be built from 100% Black (K) and not contain any values in the CMY channels.

If the ad is running with spot color, it must be a spot color (not process), and it must be named Primary.

10-point type is the minimum size for reverse type on a single color background, 12-point type for 4-color background. No reverse type on a yellow background.

Overprint rules or type on a tint background of no more than 25%.

Use only black for 4-points and thinner, small san-serif type 7-points and smaller, serif type 12-points and smaller, and fine-serif type 14-points and smaller. Do not reverse or screen serif type.

Transparencies should not be used. If they are, they should be flattened.

We recommend you use Adobe Acrobat Distiller to create your PDF from your layout application. Other programs can create PDF files, but they are less reliable than a PDF created by Distiller.

Use a reliable pre-flight software program to check your ad before submitting it to the County Shopper. Do not rely on what is produced on a laser printer or your monitor as an accurate proof of the file.

If ads are not sent to our specifications, we will do our best to make them press ready. We will not be responsible for the quality of ads that do not adhere to our guidelines.

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