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Writer Guidelines & Agreement 2
You must read all of the below information and complete all areas within this agreement in order to participate in writing for our publication(s). Once completed you may e-mail your editorial and photos to shopper@dckr.com.

* Required Information.

If you are interested in submitting editorial, you must read this entire page then complete the
writer’s agreement. Please note that you must follow these guidelines for every piece of editorial
that is submitted to our office. Failure to do so may prevent us from using your editorial.

By purchasing articles from freelance writers we feel this will give us a wide range of choices and
writing styles. Because we want you, the writer, to understand the process of our editorial
structure we would like to give you some insight on how our process works. First your article is
organized by article type and for the specific issue it will be considered. Next, our staff will
review the list of editorial that has come in for a particular issue and determine what articles are
to run and what will be assigned. Once these decisions have been made, you will be notified if we
decide to use your piece. The final process is that the article will be edited by our Copy Editor
and then placed in our Catskill Country magazine and on our Web site (CatskillCountry.com).
Finally, you will be mailed payment for your article.


We are interested in articles on living and traveling throughout the Catskill Region. Our
definition of the Catskill Region consists of the area west of the Hudson River in the New York
State Counties that are Delaware, Otsego, Greene, Schoharie, Sullivan, and Ulster. Our readers
want practical information on places to go and things to do in the Catskill Region. They enjoy
articles on events, attractions, unique businesses, landmarks, outdoor life, shopping, antiquing,
dining and more.

Submitted articles should contain body copy from 800 to 2,000 words. Article title, byline and
captions are not counted toward the total word count of the article.

Only electronic submissions are accepted. Fancy word-processing layouts only bog down our
layout department, as your formatting has to be removed before we can place your work into our
page formats, so we ask that you use simple Microsoft Word documents in Times New Roman,
only. When you type for publication, there should only be ONE SPACE after the period at the
end of a sentence. All quotation marks are to be put on the OUTSIDE of periods and commas.
Also, we omit the last comma in a string of characters. (EG: Shoes, socks, shirt and shorts rather
than a comma before the and). We know this seems trivial but this saves us a great deal of time.

We reserve the right to edit your work if it does not comply with company policies and for the
following reasons: typographical, grammatical, and factual errors; clarity, style, length and

All submitted articles must be the original work of the author. We will not run articles that have
run in other local competing publications. Feature articles that we are purchasing first time rights
for may not be submitted to other local competitors.

Articles must be submitted by the 20th of March for the Spring/Summer issue and by the 15th of
August for the Fall/Winter issue, unless otherwise specified. If we do not receive your article by
the specified deadline it will not be considered. This same deadline applies for reprints. Writers
MUST adhere to our guidelines in order to keep our process as structured as possible. We
apologize if this creates any inconveniences but, organization is our number one focus.


Decker Advertising, Inc. pays 10 cents per word for first publication rights to an article. Article
title, byline and captions are not counted toward the total word count of the article.

Reprint articles of at least 800 words are paid $40 per article unless otherwise agreed upon. This
fee includes the rights to use your article in Catskill Country magazine and for use on our website

Photo submissions used with writer’s article are paid $15 per photograph published in color and
$10 per photograph published in black and white.

Payment will be made within 30 days of publication.


Submit your article in person or by mail to: Editorial c/o Decker Advertising, Inc., 97 Main Street,
Suite 5, Delhi, NY 13753, or by e-mail to editorial@dckr.com and include the following:
1. Author name, address, phone number, and social security number (for tax purposes).
2. Photos for the article, if they apply. While most publications require photos to be submitted
with the article we do not require them but do encourage them. Photos should be attached to the
e-mail in a JPEG or TIF format.
3. A Microsoft Word document of the written piece. Please use the font Times New Roman.
Please note that we will not return any work or photos submitted. We are not responsible for
unsolicited materials. Do not send any valuable or irreplaceable items. If you fail to follow these
instructions this may result in loss of your submission.

We encourage you to submit lists of reprints that you have available for use so long as they have
not been used by local competitors to editorial@dckr.com. We recommend that you do so
THREE MONTHS PRIOR to our publication date so that we may contact you for any we are
interested in using. Please use the cut-off dates listed previously.

A complimentary copy of Catskill Country magazine, featuring your article, will be mailed to you
along with your payment for the article. If you would like additional copies sent to you send
$2.50 per copy to cover postage and handling to:
Attn: COPY REQUEST c/o Decker Advertising, Inc., 97 Main Street, Suite 5, Delhi, NY 13753.


This document will serve to confirm our agreement with respect to Decker Advertising, Inc.
acquisition of your written, freelance contribution (the article) for Catskill Country Magazine.
As part of your assignment, you will provide to Decker Advertising, Inc. the name, complete
address and telephone number of each source contacted for or named in the article. This source
list should accompany your article on the due date specified in the WRITER GUIDELINES.
Final acceptance of the article cannot be made without receipt of this source list.
When applicable and at all possible, you will submit photos to accompany the article and will
obtain permission to use these images and will include photographer credit and authorizations and
names of subjects in said images or photos when e-mailed for submission to editorial@dckr.com.
Upon request, you will revise the article according to suggestions and advice from Decker
Advertising, Inc.’s editorial staff.

Compensation. Decker Advertising, Inc. agrees to pay you 10 cents per word for first publication
rights to an article. Article title, byline and captions are not counted toward the total word count
of the article. For reprint articles Decker Advertising, Inc. agrees to pay you $40 per article of at
least 800 words. This includes the rights to use your article in Catskill Country magazine and for
use on our website CatskillCountry.com. Decker Advertising, Inc. agrees to pay you $15.00 per
photograph published in color and $10.00 per photograph published in black and white that are
used in conjunction with an article; however, you understand and agree that Decker Advertising,
Inc. may publish, at its sole discretion, any number of photographs less than or equal to those
submitted by you with the article.

. You shall be responsible for the reporting, deposit and payment of any and all
federal, state, and local taxes, including but not limited to income taxes, FICA taxes, and
unemployment taxes incidental to the payment for your submitted article.

Assignment and Ownership of Article.
You grant Decker Advertising, Inc. the following rights
to this article:
1. The right to edit, abridge, augment, title, and illustrate the article in; and 2. The exclusive right
to publish and distribute the article for a period of 48 months from acceptance of the article; and
3. Nonexclusive reprint and resale rights; and 4. Promotional and publicity rights, including but
not limited to the right to use your name, biography, and likeness in connection with the
publication, advertising and promotion of the article; and 5. The right to reproduce and distribute
the article on our own behalf in a compilation of similar articles or of other articles that originally
appeared in Catskill Country magazine.
All rights granted by this Agreement are applicable in all media, including but not limited to all
electronic media, whether now known or hereafter created.

You agree that Decker Advertising, Inc. will be credited as the original publisher of your article
upon any further publication or reuse of the article by you should first-times rights be applicable.
You will undertake efforts in creating this article that conform to reasonable professional
standards. You warrant originality and authorship of the article, that there has been no prior sale,
publication or transfer of rights of the article, that exercise of the article will not defame or libel
any person, or violate the right to privacy or publicity of any person. You will use all reasonable
care to check facts and statements and will ensure that to the best of your knowledge the article
contains nothing that is libelous or is an invasion of anyone’s privacy. You agree to keep all
notes, film, tape recordings, and any other pertinent material used to prepare your article. You
hereby indemnify Decker Advertising, Inc., from all damages, expenses, attorney's fees and the
like, resulting from a breach of any of your warranties provided herein.
If Decker Advertising, Inc. publishes the article, it will publish the article in an issue of Catskill
Country magazine with a masthead copyright notice in the name of Decker Advertising, Inc.
Registration may give writer certain rights to additional statutory damages in the event of
infringement; however, copyright registration is the responsibility of the writer.

Fill Out Below and Submit

Or Print PDF and
Mail or deliver
this completed document to Decker Advertising, Inc., 97 Main Street, Suite 5,
Delhi, NY 13753. Or, send by e-mail to r.shepard@dckr.com, by fax to 607-746-6272

I agree to all rules, regulations and guidelines as outlined in WRITER GUIDELINES and in the WRITER AGREEMENT.
* Writer Name
Social Security or Tax I.D. Number
This is for tax purposes only. If you prefer you may contact our accountant, June Bokel, at j.bokel@dckr.com or 607-746-2178 Ext. 103 to leave the information with her.
Payment Address
Where should we send your checks? Please make sure to include city, state and zip code.
E-Mail Address
Phone Number
Specific Area of Interest
Please tell us if you have any areas of expertise or interest you prefer and if you are open to any assignment.

This writer's agreement needs to be submitted only ONCE.
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