4H Showcase: youth interests featured at Delaware County Fair


WALTON - The 2023 Delaware County Fair is not only about midway rides, funnel cakes, or demolition derby, it’s about kids. Delaware County 4H members showcased their interests and skills in exhibits judged by volunteers, Sunday, Aug. 13. The exhibits  represent the enthusiasm, dedication and hard work of 4H members.

4H, historically rooted in agricultural education, has significantly evolved. While livestock and farming projects remain a staple, the Delaware County Fair’s 4H exhibits highlighted a broader spectrum of skills. From photography and floral displays to art projects and garden harvests. The projects on display showcase the diverse interests of today’s 4Hers.

4Hers confidently discussed their projects, fielded questions, and demonstrated their knowledge about the projects to judges. The judging process helps youth develop essential life skills, including effective communication, leadership, and critical thinking.

4-H Resource Educator Camp Shankitunk Administrator Corinne Tompkins encourages fairgoers to visit the 4H building throughout the week. Project judging took place Sunday and Monday from noon through 4 p.m., where people could watch 4H members interact with judges and get their evaluations. Visitors will see  a table setting display on Monday at 6 p.m., a quilt that is being raffled; public presentations Tuesday through Friday; animal shows throughout the week and on Friday there will be an inaugural fashion and textile showcase at 1 p.m.

“4H is a youth development program of Cornell Cooperative Extension,” Tompkins explained. “We believe in making the best better and learning by doing hands-on activities.” In addition to exhibits, Tompkins said, there are week-long activities for the public, including a “Build your own caterpillar,” a cloud-identifying activity, as well as hands-on games for children, and much more.

Last year 236 youth exhibited 1,138 projects at the Delaware County Fair, Tompkins said.

In Delaware County, hundreds of youth between the ages of 5 and 19 participate in traditional clubs, special interest groups, and school enrichment programs. Our mission is to provide these youth with educational programs, experiences and resources designed to enable them to develop knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and behaviors to become competent,

For more information about Delaware County 4H visitccedelaware.org/4h-youth-development/ or call 607-865-6531.